Investment Options


With so many options available, choosing the best real estate investment strategy can be challenging. We make it a point to listen to each investor to determined which strategy is the best fit for their unique short and long-term goals.

The following are are few options available to investors looking to partner with us. 



Some investors are simply looking to diversify their capital for a set return on investment that produces more than the stock market or other traditional investment strategies.  These particular loans are typically used for fix and flip projects, construction loans, as well as acquisitions financing.

We work with each investor to:

  • Identify the target investment project
  • Agree upon a set amount invested
  • Determine the length of time capital is deployed (usually six months - one year)
  • Set a percentage ROI that works for both parties 


A more active real estate investor who has an interest in long-term real estate holdings may want a multi-family property that produces monthly disbursements of positive cash flow.  The capital gain can be distributed to the investors or invested into the property to pay down the principal, while creating large equity returns as the property appreciates over time.   

We work with each investor to:

  • Coordinate acquisition financing
  • Identify and purchase the building
  • Add value to increase monthly cash flow
  • Facilitate refinance if needed

Consulting Partnership

Often times an investor may already own a property that has potential to generate value.

We will partner with the owner to:

  • Determine the best use of the property
  • Identify the capital needed to add value
  • Partner by financing the renovation
  • Assist with the sale